Quality contemporary furniture, designed and made for you

Modet is a design studio and workshop, founded with the aim of creating high quality, long lasting and beautiful furniture.

Based in Co. Cork, Ireland, we design and make contemporary furniture where modern design meets traditional craftsmanship.

All of our pieces are made to order from sustainably sourced solid hardwoods, expertly jointed, shaped and finished, ensuring a durable piece of furniture. We strive to make quality furniture for people to live with, use and enjoy, every day.

Our furniture range is small, considered and is characterised by a modern, quiet and elegant aesthetic. Designs are refined until we arrive at the right combination of beauty, strength and detail, with an approach that means our pieces will work in any space.

We also offer a fully bespoke service. If you would like to discuss a unique project please get in touch by filling out the form on our bespoke page.

Bespoke Options